Turn it Off! No-Idling Initiative

General Idling Information

Idling is a growing concern because vehicle emissions are a major contributor to ground level ozone. Ground level ozone is especially dangerous to sensitive groups such as children, the elderly and people with heart or lung defects. Idling can also take a toll on your vehicles performance. By turning off your engine you can protect your health and your wallet.
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No Idling Toolkit - Schools

This toolkit is designed to help schools reduce and/or eliminate idling on school property using the collaboration of students and faculty. This detailed program  is designed for 7th grade curriculums, incorporates numerous state competency goals, and has proven to be a powerful tool in reducing idling.  Many of the lesson plans could be used for other grades as well,  or as an after school activity for multiple age groups.
Make your school idle free!

Heavy Duty Vehicles

Under current North Carolina law, drivers of heavy duty vehicles are not allowed to idle their vehicle more than 5 minutes within a 60 minute period. Find out more about what vehicles are included and a view a list of allowable exemptions under this new rule.