No Idling Toolkit Templates and Materials



Sample No Idling Policy


Idling Time Tally Sheet

The idling time tally sheet should include the individual car’s type and the number of minutes idled. The type of car would be a sedan, coupe or SUV. Each student will receive a counter, pen, paper, and clipboard.  Two or more students (Car Counters) will be assigned to counting how many cars come into the No Idling Zone. Five or more students (Idling Counters) will be assigned to count idling time. Data should be collected before the program begins and during the program. Later, the data will be compared to determine the programs success.

Daily Idling Time Tally Sheet

Daily Vehicle Counter Tally Sheet

Weather Tally Sheet

The weather tally sheet should include the date, temperature, humidity, heat index and cloud cover. This information will help the students visually see the barriers to why people idle. The weather tally collection can be alternated between Car Counters and Idling Counters.

Daily Weather Tally Sheet

Example Program Data Summary Spreadsheet

Blank Program Data Summary Spreadsheet

Window Sticker Template