No Idling Toolkit - Media Kit

Where can one reach parents with a message?

  • Papers sent home with students with the message about the goals of the school and no idling program
  • School website
  • Student discussions at home with parents
  • No idling/clean air “artwork” to hang onto the refrigerator and start dialogue
  • No idling signs at drop off/pick up area of the school
  • Get PTA involved to spread the message
  • Local newspapers – school news; Make it a community event
  • Get a local billboard donated with the message
  • Use public service announcements (PSA’s) with local radio
  • Supply video or video opportunities to local television stations for news clips
  • Contact community events calendar organizations to increase awareness of events.  This includes not just newspapers, radio and television, but the Chamber of Commerce, and local magazines or local publications that distribute event information.   A local university or college may have students in media programs that can help with this.
  • Place student clean air/no idle “poster art” with a message about the program in local public spaces such as libraries, restaurants, coffee shops and government buildings.
  • Make a video and post it on You tube, the school website, the local municipality website or a local environmental organization’s website.
  • Use Facebook and connect to school fans and friends.   Ask students to tweet about their efforts in the program to their friends, particularly high school students and friends not in the same school.
  • Get all available local media involved in the kickoff of the program.  Give them at least 48 hours advance notice of the kickoff and any other major events.  More time is better.  Supply local media with a press release.
  • Provide photographs to local media outlets.
  • Ask for donated signage on local transit vehicles and at transit stops.
  • Ask someone to blog about the program on a local blog, be it school, a local organization or a local newspaper.
  • Put your message on t-shirts and wear them to sporting events at the school.  Poster sized signage at sporting events also works.

How can students learn and teach other students?

  • Lesson plans
  • Simplify student message to be short, memorable and repeatable
  • School bulletin board posters created by students
  • Class papers/presentations
  • Science Fair projects related to the effects of idling
  • Pass out silly bands shaped liked cars along with the message
  • School announcement reminders in schools with student drivers