No Idling Toolkit - "Lessons Learned"


Slight tension and conflict between program teachers

Lesson Learned:   Having a designated or elected program leader at the start would have prevented conflict and helped with planning  

Recommendation:   At the first meeting, choose a teacher or administration staff “advisor” to resolve any issues that arise during the program



Limited funding for purchase of poster and display materials, student rewards and advertising

Lesson Learned:    Plan fundraising events prior to beginning the program and/or ask for help from school PTA/PTO, Booster Club or local organizations

Recommendation:    Identify groups early in the planning stage that may be willing to help the school through donations, with fundraising or grant applications



Objections and phone calls from parents 

Lesson Learned:    Be aware of the potential for negative comment and parental objections

Recommendation:    Ensure that school administration supports the no idling policy, and that an administrator can field any negative phone calls that may result from the program.   Prepare the students at the car pickup line for the possibility that parents that may refuse to turn off their vehicle or take literature that is handed out.



Program coincided with some school testing and was not coordinated with school festival

Lesson Learned:    Choose program data collection and media blitz timing carefully

Recommendation:    Pick dates for the no idling program to avoid major school testing and to take advantage of school dances, festivals or other events where the information can be most effectively displayed to parents.