Lesson Plans

The Center for the Environment at Catawba College has developed a special program within this overall "no idling" toolkit so that teachers can access free lesson plans and activities on air quality that meet several competency goals set by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction in science, math and language arts.  While designed specifically for the seventh grade, the lesson plan activities can be used also for sixth and eighth grades, and can be adapted for the upper elementary grades and high school.  These lessons can be used either within the classroom setting or for extracurricular clubs, "green teams" or for class projects.

Some of these lessons are also ideal for other learning environments, such as for faith-based schools, scout troops, libraries or parks & recreation sessions, etc.  

Competency Goals Met in this Unit

Stage 1 - The Undercover Count

Activity 1) Read “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss 

                 Issues that appear in “The Lorax” 

                 Rubric for multimodal presentation

Activity 2) Layers of the Atmosphere

                 Layers of the Atmosphere Activity

                 Layers of the Atmosphere Foldable

                 Layers Mania Trivia Game 

This lesson was inspired by Marcia Krech. More information on her work is available here.

Activity 3) To Touch or Not To Touch

                Nonpoint Source Pollution Activity

                Point and Nonpoint Source Air Pollution Concentration Game

Activity 4) Point source pollution and the Industrial Revolution

                  Article: “Industrial Melanism”

Activity 5) Non-point source pollution and “The Vulcan Project”

                  Vulcan Project Lab Guide 

Activity 6) Scientific Investigation

              Out of the following:

                  Sock It!

                  Tape Cards (coming soon)

                  Labquest Pro (coming soon) 

Activity 7) Watch “The Lorax” 


Stage 2- The Kickoff and Media Blitz

Activity 1) Air Quality Codes Craft

                    Lab Guide

                    Lab Guide with Answers

Activity 2) Undercover Math

Activity 3) Breathing Challenge

Activity 4) Silver City Town Hall Meeting

                    Mock Town Meeting Characters

                    Quick Facts About Ozone



Stage 3 - Data Collection and Interaction with Drivers

Activity 1) Clean Air Game

Activity 2) Preview “The Aweful Eight” Play

                     "Awful Eight" Script

Activity 3) Play “Air Quality Jeopardy” 

Activity 4) Post Math


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