No Idling Toolkit - Green Team

How to create a green team at school

  • Use posters to explain the purpose of the green team, the meeting date and time.  Post through-out the school and in the cafeteria.
  • Have teachers wear Green Team t-shirts or buttons.
  • Have student members wear Green Team buttons or t-shirts to promote signing up.  Do this in conjunction with posters described above.
  • Use students to recruit more students into the team.  Find a forum in your school to enable students to tell other students what the green team is doing.
  • Recruit teachers onto the team.  Ask them to incorporate green lessons into the classroom and encourage students to join the green team.
  • Use school TV for announcements about the green team and to encourage students to join the green team.
  • Post information on the school website about the green team so parents know what the green team is and what it does.  Parents may encourage their child to become involved.
  • Make the PTA aware of the green team purpose and activities so parents can encourage child involvement.
  • Try to get student involvement from each grade level.
  • Foster interest in the green team by partnering with teachers in lower school grades so there is continuity through-out subsequent school years.