Funding Opportunities for Individuals and Businesses

Do you realize that your neighbors down the street, as well as many local businesses, are taking advantage of opportunities of which you may not be aware? 

There are so many websites and news articles to wade through when you are trying to search for monetary assistance.  Or, even when you are just searching for information on how to be more energy efficient, purchase better products, or be more environmentally responsible. 

The good news is that there are state and federal incentives, such as tax credits, grants and rebates, which can be easily accessed online. 

There are also utility company programs with incentives, such as Duke Energy’s Smart$aver Program.  You may be surprised to discover that Duke Energy has incentives for new HVAC systems and insulation materials for their residential customers, and a huge program of incentives for installation of new equipment in businesses. 

Also, have you visited the ENERGY STAR website lately?  The site has tons of great information, and is not just about appliance rebates, which is the perception of most people regarding the program.   

Businesses are also encouraged to apply for clean fuels technology funds, through state-run grant programs, which often have fewer small business applicants than desired, due to the lack of knowledge among small businesses that they exist.

Tell your friends and neighbors, local business owners and others, and do all you can to help improve our air by being more energy efficient and in choosing cleaner and greener technologies for your home and vehicles. 

If you would like more information on clean transportation technology and funding, as well as residential, vehicle and solar tax incentives, or even fuel economy tips, you may want to visit these sites:

Clean Energy Resources and Incentives